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Mountain Island Lake is a man-made lake that is located at the northern tip of Charlotte, North Carolina.  The lake borders Mecklenburg County and, aside from generating electricity through the Mountain Island Hydroelectric Station, Mountain Island Lake also provides water to some of the residents in Mecklenburg County and Gaston County.  The creation of the lake has resulted in beautiful vistas for Mountain Island Lake.

With the fast-paced growth of the Charlotte metropolitan, Mountain Island Lake Real Estate have become desirable properties to live on.  The lake gets its name from a small island that juts out of the southern portion of the lake, providing a beautiful place for recreational activities such as camping and picnicking.

What makes Mountain Island Lake, NC Special?

One of the most attractive aspects of Mountain Island Lake Real Estate is that the properties are located in proximity with the North Carolina cities of Charlotte and Gastonia.  Uptown Charlotte is approximately 10 miles southeast of the lake, while downtown Gastonia is an estimated 15 miles to the southwest.  With such a location, people who live in Mountain Island Lake real estate and homes have easy access to the amenities and entertainment that the two cities have to offer.
Aside from the lake's proximity to Charlotte and Gastonia, another attractive aspect of Mountain Island Lake and homes is that much work is being done to preserve the beauty and cleanliness of the lake.  Since the lake provides water to two of the largest cities in the metropolitan, it is important that strict rules and regulations are implemented.  The Duke Power Company, the company that manages the lake and its hydroelectric dam, as well as local governments and organizations work together to keep Mountain Island Lake pristine and well-protected.
As part of the plans to keep the lake clean, much of the territory around the lake is being protected as recreational parks; one of the biggest is the Latta Plantation Park. Such preservation efforts ensure that those who live around the lake and those who visit it will always have a beautiful and clean recreational area to enjoy.

Mountain Island Lake Real Estate and Homes - History

Long before Mountain Island Lake was constructed in 1924, the Catawba River winded through the beautiful countryside of the Carolinas. The river made for rich farming grounds, which were cultivated by Native Americans in the 1600s and 1700s. One of the prosperous tribes in the area was the Catawba Tribe.  In the tribe's native language, they called themselves the Kawahcatawbas, which meant “the people of the river.” Their name was derived from the fact that much of their lifestyle and their success revolved around the Catawba River.
During the 1700s, white settlers came into the region and would start making farms of their own.  Many of the settlers were German and Scotch-Irish. As communities in the region continued to develop and prosper, mills, farms, and plantations popped-up in the nearby territories of Mecklenburg County. Railroad tracks were constructed during the 1800s, and they greatly increased the productivity, economy, and the overall development of the area.  Going into the 1900s, the new technology of electricity was discovered and it was being implemented in municipalities all around the country. One of the technologies that was developed during that time was hydroelectric power.
In 1924, Duke Power Company built a hydroelectric dam along the Catawba River, creating the Mountain Island Lake. The lake provided energy and water to nearby communities of the Mecklenburg and Gastonia Counties. Since the completion of the Mountain Island Hydroelectric Station, the area has continued to develop into one of the country's largest and most active metropolitan areas. Today, Mountain Island Lake has a total area of nearly 2,800 acres, a total length of nearly 15 miles, and a shoreline length of over 60 miles.

Mountain Island Lake Real Estate and Homes - Landmarks and Attractions

The premier attraction and landmark of the Mountain Island Lake area is the lake itself.  The lake provides a place where people can go to enjoy water activities and outdoor activities alike.  From boating and fishing to hiking and camping, Mountain Island Lake is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors.  People can also enjoy the North Lake Mall, the Hornets Nest Park, the Latta Plantation Nature Preserve, and the US National Whitewater Park.

Mountain Island Lake Real Estate and Homes - Other interesting information

Those who live in Mountain Island Lake have numerous choices when it comes to education.  As part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system, Mountain Island Lake residents have some of the best schools in the state and in the country to choose from.  From public schools, private schools, and charter schools to college campuses and large universities, Mountain Island Lake are covered by one of the best school systems in the region.

Mountain Island Lake Real Estate and Homes

With all of the wonderful factors that help to make the lake a cozy, beautiful, and enjoyable place to live in, Mountain Island Lake can be quite appealing for practically anyone.  The ongoing development in the area will surely lead to a further increase in the value of Mountain Island Lake Real Estate, not to mention an improvement in the lifestyles of those who live in there.

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